Considering that of chemical, medicinal, and also clinical similarities between Tricor (fenofibrate tablets), clofibrate, and also gemfibrozil, the damaging findings in 4 large randomized, placebo-controlled professional researches regarding these other fibrate drugs could also apply to Tricor.

In the Coronary Drug Project, a large research study of article myocardial infarction of people treated for 5 years regarding clofibrate, there was no distinction in mortality seen in between the clofibrate group as well as the inactive medicine group. There was however, a distinction in the price of cholelithiasis as well as cholecystitis needing surgery in between both teams (3.0 % vs. 1.8 %).

In a study carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), 5000 topics without known coronary canal disease were treated regarding inactive medicine or clofibrate for 5 years and also complied with for an extra one year. There was a statistically substantial, greater age − changed all-cause mortality in the clofibrate group contrasted with the inactive medicine group (5.70 % vs. 3.96 %, p = < 0.01). Excess mortality was due to a 33% increase in non-cardiovascular causes, including malignancy, post-cholecystectomy complications, and pancreatitis. This appeared to confirm the higher risk of gallbladder disease seen in clofibrate-treated patients studied in the Coronary Drug Project.

The Helsinki Heart Study was a large (n=4081) study of middle-aged men without a history of coronary artery disease. Subjects received either placebo or gemfibrozil for 5 years, with a 3.5 year open extension afterward. Total mortality was numerically higher in the gemfibrozil randomization group but did not achieve statistical significance (p = 0.19, 95% confidence interval for relative risk G: P =.91-1.64). Although cancer deaths trended higher in the gemfibrozil group (p = 0.11), cancers (excluding basal cell carcinoma) were diagnosed with equal frequency in both study groups. Due to the limited size of the study, the relative risk of death from any cause was not shown to be different than that seen in the 9 year follow-up data from World Health Organization study (RR=1.

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